Product Categories (featured in print & online directory listing) Help buyers find you by selecting the categories that best describe your products 10 15 UNLIMITED
Company Online Profile (characters) Introduce your company to make a great first impression 250 2000 3000
Website URL Drive traffic to your website X X X
Show Specials Spotlight special deals like discounts, giveaways, & sweepstakes 1 4 10
Promotion Product Image inclusion in 1 pre-show email to pre-registered attendees & to pre-registered VIP attendees   X X
Social Media Spotlight Product image and custom message promoted on the show's Facebook, Instagram & Twitter   X X
Videos Tell your story to potential buyers through promotional videos   1 UP TO 3
Press Releases Get more coverage by sharing the latest news about your company   2 5
Digital Product Showcase Engage attendees with detailed product descriptions along with full color images   4 10
Company Logo Include your logo with your listing to stand out and expand brand awareness   X X
Premium Position Your exhibitor listing will be placed at the top of the exhibitor list and search results     X

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