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Qualified Retailers & Brands Can Get Free UCX USA Tickets & Up To $500 Travel/Hotel Reimbursement

To qualify, individuals must (a) be directly employed by an organization, and (b) be responsible for buying or evaluating technology or other solutions for their organizations, and (c) take up to eight (8) 20-minute onsite meetings with participating sponsors ("Hosted Meetings"), which are based on a double opt-in process so that they are useful to everyone.

You commit to being available Sept 13th from 12:30 pm – 3:40pm, until you receive your final schedule immediately prior to the event. Your final set of up to eight (8) 20-minute Hosted Meetings may be spread across multiple Meeting Times; they may not be back-to-back. To ensure you have a fulfilling experience, there will be several roundtables staging throughout this time of which you can choose to participate when not in meetings.

If you choose to, you can also participate in meetings that are not Hosted Meetings ("Non-Hosted Meetings") with individuals (including those that are not from sponsors) participating in the meetings program. These non-hosted meetings are also based on a double opt-in process.

You will not need to miss any agenda sessions for Hosted or Non-Hosted meetings.

The reimbursement of up to $500 is conditioned upon (a) completing all of your scheduled meetings, (b) submitting a short feedback survey, and (c) submitting travel/hotel receipts following the event within our stated deadlines.